Success Doesn’t Just Happen

Our focus and approach enables us to leverage our expertise and network to drive the best results without size or geography constraints.

Genesis Capital provides a comprehensive range of services including mergers, acquisitions, sales, and capital raising. We are selective about taking on engagements and focus where our expertise and unique approach will maximize the goals and objectives for our clients and partners.

Independent & Conflict Free

Genesis Capital focuses on more than one industry and does not lend capital or trade securities, enabling the firm to work with companies free of conflicts.

Track Record With Founder & Family Businesses

We bring the best practices from public boardrooms into family boardrooms.

Deep Experience With Public Companies

Genesis Capital offers current and relevant experience, ensuring independence and execution capabilities in acquisitions, divestitures and go-private transactions with public companies.

Focus On Need Versus Size

We work with companies of all sizes, having completed transactions ranging from over $1 billion to under $50 million.

Solutions Driven Approach

Genesis Capital works with companies to develop a tailored solution and roadmap to meet specific objectives.

National & Cross-border Geographic Coverage

Genesis Capital has an established client base throughout the United States and has completed numerous cross-border transactions involving international operations and acquirers.

A Sampling of Cross-border & International Transactions Over 48 Countries Represented Genesis Capital has completed numerous cross-border and international transactions. This provides us with experience with financing, currency, manufacturing, labor, IP, environmental, contract, regulatory and other specialized issues involved in global transactions.
“Genesis Capital guided our family through a very complex process and delivered a fabulous result which exceeded our expectations.”
— Marc Skalla, President, SASCO Chemical
“They provided invaluable advice in helping us achieve our financial, strategic and operational goals, including securing the optimal partner for our family business. The Genesis Capital team was actively involved in every stage of the process. The guidance we received from Genesis Capital, along with their knowledge of the industry and transaction expertise, allowed us to move with speed and certainty to achieve the best possible outcome for our family, company and employees.”
— Rusty Skalla, COO, SASCO Chemical

"We are very pleased with the transaction and our new partnership. We engaged Genesis Capital to help our physician owners consider our strategic options, particularly in light of the increasingly complex healthcare landscape. Genesis Capital was invaluable in helping us secure the best partner for Optim, which enables us to remain physician-focused, provides the management support and resources to continue to grow and operate effectively, and, most importantly, enables us to continue to provide patients with the highest quality care in Southeast Georgia."
— Dr. John George, Lead Physician Partner, Optim

“Genesis Capital was integral to the execution of Polytek’s acquisition growth strategy. Their expertise was paramount to our successful closing of three acquisitions, helping Polytek unlock substantial growth both within its product lines as well as geographically. Further, Genesis Capital’s knowledge of the acquirer landscape for Polytek allowed us to build the business with an eye towards this successful sale to Arsenal Capital.”
— Graham Schena, Partner, MPE

A Tradition We Maintain

The lucite is a designed award that encases a tombstone advertisement into lucite. Tombstone ads date back to the late 19th century when they became the approved format for publicizing financial transactions. By the late 1960s, banks were celebrating by enclosing each new partnership announcement in lucite.

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